Monday, April 6th, 2020

Let’s talk a little about Christian business ethics. Remember, really there is no such thing as a Christian business. There are simply Christians who are in business.  They work for a business.  They run the business. Or they’re building the business. And we sometimes have to make tough choices in our businesses. As Christians, we […]

It’s not a secret.  Back before I started my internet business I was in serious debt.  It was like under the barrel, with the barrel on top of me, drowning in debt. Once I got behind on paying all the credit card payments, the collections companies started calling. I grew to hate the phone.  They […]

I checked my stats recently and noticed people were coming to this blog while searching phrases like “Christian business opportunities.” This is important, because I’ve seen so many Christians lose their money when it comes to business opportunities. It seems even more prevalent for us than for the average person out there.  We have faith […]

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