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Who is Terry Dean?

I guess that’s me. Here’s the short list of who I am, my hobbies, and why in the world I’m publishing this blog if you’re interested in that kind of stuff.

Terry Dean and Little Indy

Terry Dean and Little Indy

First of all, I went to Bible College, although I dropped out. Found a wife in the school, but not a degree. After college I was ordained and ministered in churches while trying to start up a small church in Richmond, Indiana. That didn’t go so well. At the same time I worked at all these odd jobs such as delivering pizzas for Little Caesars. That didn’t work so well either.

With these poor jobs, ministry expenses, and numerous failed business opportunities we got deep in debt.

After much prayer, begging for help, and yelling randomly at the sky I received a revelation to quit praying for money. Pray for wisdom instead and the money would come.

Quickly I was led to buy my first PC (an old Pentium 75 – probably wouldn’t even boot Windows of today) and get started on the Internet. This was way back in the Internet stone age of 1996. The business I discovered was infopreneuring…or the selling of information products like books, CDs, DVDs, coaching programs, etc.

Fast forward a few years and I was speaking at internet conference around the country, because it seemed everyone was interested in how I was making a very good living online. And those debts…they were long gone.

Move forward a few more years to 2004. I was frustrated how the Internet training business had turned into a monster of hype promising everyone how they could make millions online without lifting much more than a finger…and sometimes not even a finger. I sold my original business and went into “retirement” at the grand old age of 30 years old.

While in “retirement” I wrote two books, one of which was Financial Freedom, about walking in God’s financial blessings. I also spoke and ministered at churches…only to start growing bored.

See, here’s the deal. I knew I was called, but little did I know it wasn’t for any type of full-time ministry. It is to run a business. And I missed it. I felt incomplete without it. Many are called to Kingdom business, but many also ignore that call.

So in 2006 I started MyMarketingCoach, LLC as a solution for entrepreneurs who are overworked, overstressed, and not earning the kind of income they want in their business. The main blog for that business is over here: Internet Business Coaching By Terry Dean.

MyMarketingCoach, LLC was founded on three basic truths:

– You can have a profitable business.

– You can have free time to spend with your family.

– You can enjoy your business and your life.

These three facts were put together to develop the slogan, “Earn More. Work Less. Enjoy Life!”

So why this blog about Christian business? I asked myself that question for quite a while. Then I answered it in the post, Why Blog About Christian Business?

Basically I’m here to share my feelings about being a Christian in business today, especially internet business. But the majority of what I will share will apply to anyone in business…and a good portion also applies to those who work for a business (the majority of us).

So I’m here sharing my thoughts on Christian life, internet business, finding your purpose, and more.

For the personal stuff…I’m married to a wonderful woman named Julie Dean. I love you baby! She’s an registered nurse who works in a local ER. That was one of her dreams in life (to work in the medical field) and she recently made it happen. We don’t have any children. We do have two dogs, a golden retriever named Indy and a german shepherd named Champ.

We live in the sunshine state of Florida in the small town of Dunnellon not too far down the road from Rainbow Springs (the water is beautiful).

My hobbies are running, playing with the dogs, swimming in the pool, watching movies, and playing video games (have a gaming computer, Xbox 360, and PS3).

And obviously I like to write.

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