Monday, April 6th, 2020

Available Products

Terry Dean has created numerous products especially about internet business. All of the products below are sold by his primary company of MyMarketingCoach, LLC and finance this blog.

 Christian Guide to Financial Freedom

This was written and recorded from Terry’s financial experiences…from being in debt to learning to pray for wisdom to becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.

God’s will for you Is Financial Freedom. So why does it seem so hard for Christians to get ahead? In most churches you only hear part of the story. You hear about giving, but you don’t hear about the other elements that are essential to receive God’s blessings on your finances. Learn the truths God has hidden in his Word for us:

Internet Business Products

All the products below are from the internet business training products. They were not specifically created for the Christian market, but Terry does strive to focus on Christian principles of integrity and providing value in all of his business strategies. If you’re interested in running your own internet business or expanding a brick-and-mortar business onto the web for lead generation, you will find these very valuable to you.

Monthly Mentor Club

Everyone needs a mentor, but one-on-one coaching can be very expensive (and Terry’s coaching is usually booked for months in advance). He shares a print newsletter that goes out monthly to his subscribers plus online training…with a LOAD of bonuses about websites, copywriting, sales, lead generation, and more just for giving it a try. If you’re even considering starting or expanding an internet business, you need to join this Club.


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