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Finding Your Life Purpose


Why are you here?

What is your life purpose?

This is a blog with a Christian theme so you could simply answer that you’re here to worship God, or to be a light that shines in darkness, or to live for Jesus. Maybe you’ll answer that your purpose is to do the will of God. The problem is those are all “routine” answers. The big question is HOW you personally will do that.

Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

Back to the original question…what is YOUR life purpose?

You’re a unique snowflake. And your life is unique. No one else on the planet in history is exactly like you.

Sure, there are similarities between people. There are many “tests” which help fit your personality into a specific category. A few of them are even pretty good at it.

Personally I like the Myers-Briggs test. You can find a free one here online. I’m an INTJ type personality which simply means I like to be in the background making and working with systems.

But with all the classifications and similarities we could find between people, you still won’t fit perfectly into anyone’s little box. You’re unique…and God loves you just as you are.

You were created with a specific purpose in mind. Too bad we aren’t born knowing it!

Instead we spend years trying to find out purpose. And some likely never find it. They’re too burdened down by their past and other things holding them back.

I think part of our problem is that we don’t follow the clues God has left for us in our life.

Clues like…

– Your true personality – and being accepting of yourself.

– The desires of your heart – the ones God Himself placed in you.

– What really moves you emotionally – gets you most excited or angry.

– Your passions – what could you talk about all day until your friends roll their eyes and space out.

– Your skills – this is your background, your training, your schooling, accomplishments, etc.

– Natural affinity groups – specific groups that fit in with you such as work at home moms.

A good example here is the fact that I’m an introverted person. I fought against this for what seems like forever (really a couple of decades now). We’re told that if you want to get ahead in life you’ve got to be an extrovert…you’ve got to get out there and network. Constantly meet people. Be the life of the party.

What about when you find all that DRAINING? Usually you’re told that you just don’t want it bad enough. If you really wanted it, you’d change your personality. That’s like trying to swim upstream and become someone else.

It’s the OPPOSITE of finding your purpose. Once you’ve found the purpose and direction for your life, it seems natural. Notice I didn’t say it was easy. I guarantee you’ll be stretched and have to grow as a person to accomplish it. But everything just seems “right.”

Perhaps your life purpose will include starting a business. Or you may run a charity organization. Or you’ll be a helper in these activities. You may be the one who grabs the vision of the entrepreneur and runs with it to grow the company.

You may have come to this page hoping I would tell you once and for all what your life purpose is. Or maybe I’d wave my magic wand and you’d know everything that is coming in your life.

Sorry. I can’t do that. And neither can anyone else.

It’s nice to dream about God handing us a map that outlines all the way from your birth to your death…and everything you will do. But it’s just that…a dream. If we really had such a map of personalized direction, life would be BORING. You’d know the whole movie before it happens. Where’s the fun in that?

In addition, if you knew everything God had planned for you – you’d probably run for your life. As I’ve said before, God’s plans always come in God-size, where they’re too big for you…without His help.

Read through your Bible stories. I want you to notice two important elements that continually hold true.

1. God never does exactly the same thing twice.

2. God only reveals a portion of the plan at a time.

So finding your life purpose isn’t a one time event. It’s a journey we take throughout our lives. Hopefully we’ll be able to stand with Paul and say…

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
2 Tim 4:7

Here’s where one of the biggest clues to your purpose comes. You’re wondering what the next step is in your life. What have you been doing up till today? It always seems that each step in our lives is a preparation the one that comes after it. It doesn’t always make sense while it is happening, but this becomes clear in hindsight.

Where were you 10 years ago? Where were you five years ago? Where are you today? Hopefully there has been some kind of progress…and not just treading water.

What is the next step in your life purpose?

I don’t know. But what I do know is you’re going to have to AGAIN step out of your comfort zone. You’re going to have to do something you’ve never done before. And you’re going to have to grow as a person to reach the next rung of success for you.

It might mean taking risks you’re not immediately comfortable with. Maybe you need to go back to school for training. Perhaps you have to face your fears such as standing in front of an audience to speak. Again I don’t know what is ahead of you, but often the biggest hindrance in taking that step is FEAR.

It’s easy to be afraid when you take your eyes off God and focus on yourself…and your abilities. Instead rest in the knowledge that you’re here for a purpose. There are people out there who desperately need the gifts you were born with.

The easy way out is to simply become complacent where you currently are, but then you’ll never experience the adventure and joy life has in store for you.

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