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Proverbs – A Christian Business Guide


Christian Business Guide

God is DELIGHTED with Honest Sales People

Are you looking for a Christian business guide? I have a free one for you. It’s the complete book of Proverbs.

I actually find it funny that ANY Christian could be down on business.

Yet there are some who are. What kind of brainwashing does it take for a Christian to completely ignore everything in the Bible that somehow relates to people running their own business with God’s blessings?

For example, let’s just look in Proverbs 31 in the passage everyone refers to as the virtuous woman.

In verse 16, she buys real estate. Not only does she buy it, but she develops it in planting a vineyard.

In verse 18, she is continually creating items – some of which are for her family, while others are created to sell.

In verse 24, she is a sales person!

She is busy SELLING her items.

I’m focusing specifically on this point, because its the one most Christians stumble on.

You might get them to agree, yes, a Christian can run a business for God’s glory.

Yes, they could create items…again for the glory of God.

But the moment you talk about selling…for the for the glory of God, they’re out of there. They think that is going to far.

Why is there such a barrier when it comes to sales?

Why is it they could accept other points of running a business, but they simply don’t want to sell?

They’ve been blinded to think that selling is a carnal, ungodly activity. And this one blindness in them guarantees them to fail in everything they try to do for the kingdom.

A business that doesn’t sell goes out of business.

A business that doesn’t sell isn’t sharing whatever value they create with those around them.

A lot of times people get this concept that selling is bad, because of what they’ve seen from the bad sales people.

They’ve seen the deceitful. They’ve seen the pushy salesperson. They’ve even seen big corporations market a lie.

And they don’t want to have anything to do with such evil activities. That’s where Proverbs can become your Christian business guide.

Everyone of those selling issues is talked about in Proverbs.

“A FALSE balance and unrighteous dealings are extremely offensive and shamefully sinful to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.”
Prov 11:1,Amplified

A false balance, deceit, are offensive to God, but a “just weight” is HIS DELIGHT.

He is DELIGHTED with honest sales people.

Yet, we’ve allowed ourselves to be blinded from this truth because of all the garbage we’ve seen.  This would be like eliminating all police officers because there are a few crooked ones.  We need Christian police, don’t we?  Or maybe we should eliminate all doctors because we heard a story of one who took advantage of their patients.  We need Christian doctors!

If you’re called to business, you’re called to be a sales person.  It’s the key profit activity you will follow through on.  And we desperately need good Christian business people who are willing to SELL.

I know this is a problem because I’ve wrestled with it myself in the past.

Selling is NOT about manipulating people…like some sales courses have taught.  It’s all about FINDING OUT what your prospect really wants…and helping them achieve that goal.  If your product can help them solve your problem, you OWE it to them to share the message of how you can help them.

You owe it to them to help them make the right decision.

If you’re product isn’t the right decision for them, then move on to the next prospect.  If your product doesn’t improve the lives of your buyers, then you need a new product.  Find one that does improve the lives of the buyers.

Then once you find that product,  help customers find it and make the correct buying decision.  It’s what you’re called to as a Christian business owner.

Make Proverbs your Christian business guide.  And stand up proudly as sales person called of God to help others solve their problems.

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