Monday, February 24th, 2020

What is Your Purpose?


what is your purposeWhat are you here to accomplish?

As Christians we could answer that we’re here to seek God, worship Him, share Him with others, and experience everything He has freely given to us.

But this is also a blog about Christian business and for Christian entrepreneurs.

He also wants to give you a plan and specific purpose only you can accomplish.

You are called to be a leader wherever you are.

In some Christian circles, they only recognize people who are called to a full-time ministry position or missionary ministry.

In their minds, you’re not working for God if it doesn’t take place in a church.

This has held MILLIONS of Christians back from being what God has created them to be.

If you’re reading this, then God has likely called you be an entrepreneur.

It’s a high calling and one you should appreciate and respect.  You’re no less called than someone who serves in a church ministry setting.

You can be a light set on a hill that cannot be hid.

When you go through the book of Acts you’ll see the majority of ministry didn’t occur in separate building. It took place in the marketplace.

You can change our world.

What if every Christian accepted their calling…and really began to work in the positions God has set them?

We’d live in a very different world.

But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him. And if they were all one member, where were the body? But now are they many members, yet but one body. And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.”
1 Cor 12:18-21, KJV

Whether you’re called by God to be a pastor, to work in a factory, or to run your own business, you’re still called to influence those around you.

And NONE of us should look down on others for the position we’re called to.

I hate to say this, but back when I attended Bible College there was a serious attitude that there were levels of calling.  Sure everyone had a purpose, but some people’s purpose was much more important than others.

I even heard this exact line, “If someone isn’t in full-time ministry, then their calling isn’t worth much.”

By their standard, even Paul the Apostle’s calling wasn’t worth much since he was also a tentmaker who supported himself.

Anytime we get into comparing ourselves with each other, we’re going to miss it.

You are here for a purpose.

No one else is like you.

No one else can influence who you can influence.

And you’re so valuable that Jesus would have suffered in your place…even if you were the only one.

Don’t you owe it to yourself and to Him to take your place and become who you are called to be.

Because of the purpose of this blog, many of you are called to be entrepreneurs.

You’re called to go out in the marketplace and change things.

You’re called to be a light in this dark world.

And no matter what difficulties come…and what stands in your way…you need to keep moving forward.

I don’t know what God has planned for you, but here’s a little hint.  It’s bigger than you can ever accomplish on your own.

Why would God ever give you a plan for your life that you could do without him?

It’s too big for you alone.  You’ll have to call on Him and have help from others to accomplish it.

About Terry Dean
I've been in full-time business online since 1996. I've been an ordained minister since 1993. Yes, business and ministry are my passions. I also love God, my wife Julie, my two dogs, the outdoors, and video games.


12 Responses to “What is Your Purpose?”
  1. Willem says:

    Hi Terry,

    Your letter about the Purpose reach my heart.

    I am in business all my life like a workaholic and last year I start feeling the jon as I have now is not fully my mission…I read, I listen en on my path came a woman and she is the first step to fullfll God’s plan with us.
    We will keep in touch Terry

  2. Alex Navas says:

    Hey Terry, another great post. You’re absolutely right, we are called to our own specific undeniable purpose. Once we grab hold of it, the doors swing wide open as you impact the lives around you.

    • Terry Dean says:

      @Alex Navas – Sometimes it takes time to realize that purpose and sometimes we don’t see until later. But no matter what, we are here for a reason and there are lives only we can help.

  3. Terry,

    This is an outstanding post. The Apostle Peter never tired of reminding his readers of what they already knew, and I’m grateful for your persistence in doing the same.


    • Terry Dean says:

      I find when we mess up, it’s usually in the basics. This is true in business or our personal life. So it’s always good to review the basics and make sure we understand them along with staying focused on them.

  4. Chris Patton says:


    I love your post and I agree completely! We need to share more together because this is right along the same lines as my blog!

    If you get a chance, take a look at these two posts that match the message of yours.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  5. Thank you Terry, such a great post. And imagine, it came to me at the exact moment I needed reminding. Funny how that works out. Thankful for you mentoring!

  6. James Zedd says:

    When I became a Christian, God took me out of the career path I was on, and He put me on a much better one. It has been my experience to know that when you invite God into your life, He calls you to such greater things that you couldn’t even imagine yourself doing … and the best part is He gives you every resource you need to become successful.

    Great post Terry. Keep up the good work.

  7. Roger A says:

    Great thought provoking relevant post..

    I know many who have served in full time ministry for many years (self included) but are now in business world, or have had to be an entrepreneur along side ministry calling in order to support family etc….

    Serving in the Kingdom is the highest calling there is.. and doing so inside the church world has a special blessing…… but to have to function in the business realm as a Christian, and keep the focus and intent as “my ministry calling” can carry a special set of challenges.

  8. Terry,
    This is where God is moving. Out of the “church’s building”, and letting His Church build the kingdom in the marketplace. Kingdom minded people are getting a hold of this. Thanks for speaking the truth and showing the way to fulfillment in our lives.

  9. Sarah-Faith says:


    Thanks for your words of truth. I know where I want to be ( in the community ) earning enough money to give me the freedom of not worrying about bills etc. also to help the poor and to help in an orphanage in Central America that looks after Native American Indians.

    I do at the moment lead a local church and would like to help with making it self sufficient.

    I know it takes time and we have to wait for Gods plans to be worked out in our lives.

    So thanks for your word of advise and I am continuing to seek and do the Heavenly Fathers will in my life at the moment , in the UK.

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